Take a breathe and look around the men you’re surrounded by. Did they all choose to be part of a tougher show? Are they accepting every challenge on their way? Ah! Yes, you’re giving it another thought.

Your answer is a no ‘partially’. Even men chose to work for what they are passionate about. They didn’t happen to fit in  hardships all times. They didn’t make a success story in all areas. By now, you already have some examples in your mind.

Then why do society always claims that women aren’t volunteering and participating enough? And, aren’t proactive towards their different roles? Woman seeks ‘Thank you’ and man doesn’t? Man pays the bill but women doesn’t? We all talked about the negativities only and never gave an impression that even women also tend to have passion for their life and it can be anything of course!  There are women who have different role plays. There are woman who keeps desire to serve the nation. Woman who wants to make an impact. Woman who wants to pay the bills and don’t seek for a Thank you. All they look for is equal respect to their choices. Their choices to be housewives. Their choices to be a cook. Their choices to be a social worker. To be a soldier, Scientist, Engineer. And this is all driven by passion. They look for options of an easier job not because they aren’t passionate enough; but because they are also assembling themselves for another roleplay same day. They have the will to pay the bill keeping in mind that there are pay gaps for every task woman performs.

This zeal inside woman protest that yes they need equality. They will to partake in every aspect of each field. There willingness to be given freedom to cross the constraints certainly gives you the reason to quarrel for equality.

I accept the truth that not even a  minimum 30% of the female population are currently employed, but this doesn’t lead you to think that ‘they aren’t working’ at all. There were days as old as no women was given the choice to live their own life there ways and hence left behind. However, always remember. We are growing! We are going to touch the heights! And, we will be everywhere as equal as man.

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